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09_11_01's Journal

A Memorial of 09-11-01
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A Memorial for September 11, 2001

This is a memorial dedicated to the heroes, the victims, and the everyday people who have been forever changed by that fateful day of September 11th. My vision for this journal is to bring people from across the world together in one place. If you were a member of LIVE JOURNAL back in September of 2001, and you originally posted your reactions to the tragedy in your personal journal, the premise is to repost them here. This journal will be the central location for everyone to post their feelings, thoughts and reactions, to the infamous acts that occurred against America that day. Even if you weren't a member of LIVE JOURNAL when these events occurred, it's not to late. Post your feelings now. I am hoping that EVERYONE will participate in this community, so put the word out! Post your feelings on the days events, and as the weeks past. I came up with the idea for this journal because it became almost aggravating looking at random journals searching for they're September 11th reactions. Why not share our reactions with the whole world in one place?

The rules are simple.......
Any post that is deemed "supportive" of the terrorists attacks against AMERICA, or any other country, will be immediately deleted, and reported. Period. No exceptions, and no explaination will be given. We do not and will not support -terrorism- in ANY FORM! I will not hesitate to report any kind of this abuse.....

That being said....lets move on..

**If you knew a member of LIVEJOURNAL who lost their lives due to the tragedy of 9/11, please contact me, and I will post their usernames here....


"We must remember that evil does not wear a turban, a tunic, a yarmulke or a cross. Evil wears the garment of the human heart woven from the threads of hate and fear."
-The Very Rev. Nathan D. Baxter
Dean, Washington National Cathedral

Please come share your reactions, your feelings, your thoughts, poems, anything at all to do with the terrorists attacks that happened on 09/11.

Visit the 09-11-01 Memorial


This community is brand new, if you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me with any advice you may have. Also, I am not good with the codes, so I could use some help with the customization of this journal...any volunteers? Contact me: hollypocket29