Gregory Pratt (gregorysparr) wrote in 09_11_01,
Gregory Pratt

9/11 Memorial

Bill Maher, a political pundit, has mad waves in the past by saying that we should build a "Why They Hate Us" Pavillion in Washington D.C.

Basically, he thinks we should set up a walk-through memorial about what causes terrorism and why we're hated by these fanatics, so that we can know and understand why terrorism exists and just how to defeat it.

I was horrified by the 9/11 attacks, and I would've launched a war against al-Qaeda as well, but I do daresay that there's far more to why al-Qaeda hates us than just "freedom." I mean, I'm not a toddler, and no one here is, either.

We are greedy, and lazy, and we do step on people in other countries. That, of course, justifies not the murder of our people, but it is one of the things that has led to it. Resentment over the fact that they live in huts, and drive camels, while we eat our big macs and listen to songs about Bitches and Hoes.

I think our country needs to be better educated on the whys and hows of terrorism, of how it rises, and how to defeat it. (And, before anyone says, "ARE YOU SAYING WE SHOULDN'T FIGHT TERRORISTS LOL BUT GIVE THEM FOOD STAMPS INSTEAD?!?" I say, "No, but the way to defeat terrorism is to defeat the relatively small amount of terrorists, and warm over the large amount of good people in that part of the world through diplomacy and international aid.")
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