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My 9/11 Poem

Hi I'm Becca and I'm new to this group. I have a big interst in September 11. I'm 15 now and I'm a freshman at OCHS in KY. When 9/11 happened I was in 6th grade. I've written things about 9/11 before but I thought this was my best that i've done. I wrote this a few months ago in my English class. It's called a backwards poem and I think you figure out why. It may help to stop every now and then and try to picture what's going on. Please tell me what you think of it. I worked quite hard on it b/c it means a lot to me. Here it is:

I Will Never Forget

The North Tower rebuilds itself,
floor after floor piling on top of each other.
The huge wall of smoke and dust travel backward toward the skyscraper.
Citizens run back to where they stood and watched the destruction.

The tower stands tall now, growing stronger every moment.
It bleeds smoke and fire.
The bodies rise from the ground and stand in their office,
waving for help!

More smoke and dust exit the streets.
Fire trucks, ambulances, and cop cars take shape,
 becoming clean and shiny.
The South tower is now forming and stands like its twin to the north.

More people gather in the streets,
standing, crying, and staring in disbelief.
Some on their cell phones talking with their loved ones,
being comforted.

Everyone looks away as there is an enormous explosion.
Debris floats up and the fire is extinguished as the plane exits the South Tower.
It flies back to the airport
and the terrorists quietly take their seats.

Time flies backward and finally the same happens to the North Tower.
The debris is no more as the boom dissipates and the jet glides out.
The gash is repaired.
Two towers now stand untouched as a beacon to the world.

Everyone on the planes and in the towers sit quietly, unknowingly,
carrying on with their business.
They believe they will be with their families again,
see their kids’ smiling faces at Christmas.

The sun rises on this crisp,
September 11th.


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